Flute Extravaganzas

Flute Jamboree

On August 12, 2015, Zara Lawler directed a Flute Jamboree at the National Flute Association Convention! Flutists from around the world united to share their cultures and celebrate a common passion. The audience brought their flutes and voices to join in music from around the globe!

Washington, DC –  The Kennedy Center, 6PM
Admission: Free

Sciarrino’s Il Cerchio Tagliato Dei Suoni at the Guggenheim

The image of the Solomon R. Guggenheim is a registered trademark of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York. Photo: David Heald©SRGF, NY.

In November 2012, Zara Lawler staged the US premiere of Italian composer’s Salvatore Sciarrino’s Il Cerchio Tagliato Dei Suoni for 4 flute soloists (Jayn Rosenfeld, Claire Chase, Eric Lamb, and Kelli Kathman) and 100 migrating flutists at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Il Cerchio Tagliato Dei Suoni (“Cutting the Circle of Sounds”) is a music and theatrical work that explores the spatial experience of music. The four soloists surround the audience, and create an accelerating swirl of sound.  The migranti (“migrating flutists”) progress through the audience, conjuring a constant forward flow of both music and people.  With a running time of about 70 minutes, and a total of 104 performers, the cumulative effect was an event not to be missed, conjuring aural and visual images of the “circularity of time and space.”

The performance of Il Cerchio Tagliato Dei Suoni was in conjunction with the Guggenheim exhibit of the black and white works of Pablo Picasso.  It took place in the Guggenheim’s spectacular spiral rotunda, enhancing the swirling of time and space around the audience.

E Pluribus Flutum

E Pluribus Flutum is a joyous celebration of the unity and creativity of the flute community. Featuring folk tunes and dances as well as a finale written for the occasion by Katherine Hoover, this 10-minute set of pieces for up to 100 dancing flutists is inspired by the Beijing Olympics, Busby Berkeley musicals and flash mob dancing.  Conceived of and created by Zara Lawler.  With music by Katherine Hoover.

E Pluribus Flutum was created for performances in the summer of 2011:

E Pluribus Flutum is an exciting performance piece for flute choirs, student groups, and professionals alike.  It can be performed in its entirety, or in part, and is adaptable for groups of 8 to 100 flutists.  The music is simple yet interesting, and is enjoyed by players of all levels.  Preparing E Pluribus Flutum is a fun project that builds team spirit in any group, and gently encourages players to new heights of performance.

Please contact Lawler directly about how to put on a performance of E Pluribus Flutum.

You can also visit the Music & Moves page to see the preparation materials, and read about the New York performance in Flute, the magazine of the British Flute Society.

E Pluribus Flutum has 4 movements, but each movement can be performed by itself, to suit the needs of your ensemble.  There have been two additional performances of excerpts of E Pluribus Flutum:

  • 15 May 2011: New York Flute Club Ensembles Program, Bloomingdale School of Music,  NY, NY
  • July 2011:  Great Lakes Suzuki Flute Institute, Hamilton, Ontario

Bach in the Subways

Every March, musicians from around the world perform the music of JS Bach in subways and other public spaces. Due to cold weather, Zara and participating flutists chose to perform indoors this year!


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