The Flute on its Feet at the Thurnauer School of Music.

Thank you for the amazing class yesterday–I’ve never seen my students having that much fun!  And I was impressed to see how beautiful and creative your ideas were–and simple enough that they were approachable even for the ones who were feeling hesitant…Thanks again for a really memorable class!

-Kaoru Hinata, Flute Faculty, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Zara Lawler is a dedicated, engaging and experienced educator. Through many years performing for children and family audiences, she has developed a uniquely communicative style of playing and presenting her work to the audience, and is currently a Teaching Artist for the National Symphony Orchestra.  Lawler offers the following educational programming and activities, as companions to her performances or as stand-alone events:

  • Once upon a Flute: a fun, interactive in-class performance and demonstration, with age-appropriate versions for K-6.
  • Let’s Dance! a fun, hands-on exploration of dance rhythms (waltz, menuet, tango).  Students get to dance and create rhythms as well as listen.  Available in two age-appropriate versions (k-2 and 3-6), and designed for up to three classrooms at a time.  Running time 35-45 minutes.  With Paul Fadoul, marimba.  (See photos of Let’s Dance in action here. Download Let’s Dance Activities and Repertoire here.)
  • Let’s Dance!

    Break it Down!  Premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, this highly interactive program delights in dissecting the pieces and parts of music and musical instruments. Students will be amazed by the way instruments from the wind and percussion families are taken apart and put back together again.  PreK-5th grade, for main stage performances. With Paul Fadoul, marimba.

  • Can You Hear Me Now?  An interactive adventure in music for many voices (polyphony).  Starting from kids’ real-world experience of polyphony, the din of the lunchroom, students explore the ways composers make sense out of sonic confusion.  Grades 3-6, for up to 50 students at a time.  With Paul Fadoul, marimba.
  • Kinetic Chamber Music: hands-on workshops/residencies in combining music with theater and movement, for instrumental students, grades 3 and up.  (offered as The Flute on its Feet for flute groups and classes)
  • Memorization: Theory, Practice and Performance, a lecture-demonstration offered with Kinetic Chamber Music/The Flute on its Feet.
  • The Practice Notebook: blog on music practice for advanced students and adult amateurs, written by Zara Lawler.
  • Outreach Performances: in retirement homes and community centers.
  • Private Flute Lessons: all ages and levels.  Zara Lawler is on the faculty of Manhattan School of Music Pre-College division. Now offering Suzuki method for beginners.  Contact Lawler directly for information.
  • Meet the Flute:  Interactive presentation for preschools.  This 30-minute session introduces children to the flute, some basic musical concepts, and, when possible, gives every child a chance to help Zara play the flute.
  • Performance Coaching: guidance for musicians on communicating with their audience, including such issues as speaking to the audience, body language, and how to practice.

    Lawler works with students at the New York Flute Club Flute Fair 2011. Photo by Ardith Bondi.

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