photo by Nino Cocchiarella

Zara Lawler offers a variety of programming, all with companion workshops and outreach activities.  These include:

SOLO: The Flute on its Feet

photo by Nino Cocchiarella

The Flute on its Feet offers audiences a new and truly unique experience within the world of classical music:  instrumental performance of the highest quality fully integrated with dance, theater and storytelling.  Zara Lawler has created a new genre of performance that defies definition, and never fails to engage and delight her audiences.  Dance and story create new entry points into the music for the uninitiated; for the experienced concert-goer, they illuminate the music in a profound and moving way.  At once ground-breaking and inviting to new audiences, Lawler offers a new performance standard for the 21st century.

The Flute on its Feet is a virtuoso tour de force that includes classics of the flute repertoire (including Debussy’s evocative Syrinx, the well-known Carmen Fantasy, Edgard Varese’s epoch-making Density 21.5), new works by Americans Lowell Liebermann and Edie Hill, and two pieces choreographed for Lawler by innovative choreographer C. Neil Parsons.

– Program components can be tailored to your audience and venue.
– Available with or without piano.
-The Flute on its Feet sample program.
Choreographer C. Neil Parsons bio and website.
The Flute on its Feet tech sheet.
-The video page features several works from this program.


Zara Lawler’s acclaimed duo with marimbist Paul J. Fadoul offers audiences an unexpected mélange of classical virtuosity, lively commentary, theatrical flair and a small dose of indie rock sensibility. Their repertoire ranges from delightful arrangements of classics to newly written pieces for their unusual instrumentation, and even includes a few one-act plays. This season’s highlights include a residency at the Yellow Barn Music School in Putney, VT, the premiere of their new arrangements of Preludes and Fugues by Bach and Shostakovich, an appearance at St. Mark’s  in the Bowery in New York City, a children’s concert in Lawler’s home town of Nyack, NY, and a tour of their dance-inspired program, Tango Sandwich.

photo by Jerome Skiscim

Lawler & Fadoul have several programs, including Tango Sandwich, based on dance influenced works and Preludes & Fugues, which centers on their transcriptions of works by Bach and Shostakovich.

-Tango Sandwich sample program.
-Preludes & Fugues sample program.
-Lawler & Fadoul’s website.

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