Thank You

E Pluribus Flutum was being created as a celebration of the flute community—and would not have been possible without lots of help.

Third Street Music School Settlement


Katherine Hoover
Mary-Ann Tu
Susan Friedlander

Lisa Garner-Santa, Program Chair of the NFA’s Annual Convention
Madeline Neumann, Convention Director of the NFA’s Annual Convention
Third Street Music School Settlement

Rockland Conservatory of Music
Valerie Holmes and the flutists of the Special Music School
Wendy Stern
Beverly Francis
Traugott Lawler
Aaron Friedman and Sarah Bartley of MakeMusic New York
The New York Flute Club Ensemble Program
Gary Race
Lisa Lindvall
Justin Hines
Melanie Mooney
Rick Dior
Aine Zimmerman



The following brave souls came to several play-dates and early rehearsals and allowed me to do choreographic experiments on them, helped me refine my ideas, and offered some of their own:

Svjetlana Kabalin, Kelly Bran and Suzanne Hall at a play-date in April

Marian Heller
Katherine Hoover
Mary-Ann Tu
Michael Williams
Sarah Chamberlain
Kelly Bran
Suzanne Hall
Mao Chia-Ching
Julie Feldstein
Svjetlana Kabalin
Susan Friedlander
Diana Wayburn
Eduardo Castillo
Eddie Crawford


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