Current Projects


Symmetrical Lives is an innovative production of J. S. Bach’s Orchestral Suite in B-minor, created by Zara Lawler, violinist Maja Cerar and choreographer C. Neil Parsons.  It was premiered as a short film in October 2021 as part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Balcony Bar from Home Series.  In 2022, Symmetrical Lives will be developed as a live performance.  Read more about the project here, and watch the full video below:

Lawler + Fadoul ALBUM: Clickable

Lawler + Fadoul’s new album CLICKABLE is now available via Amazon and iTunes.

CLICKABLE: THE ART OF PERSUASION, from the celebrated duo of flutist Zara Lawler and marimbaist Paul J. Fadoul, is a concept album, an audio version of a live show that uses theatrical performance and audience participation to convey the many facets of persuasion – from powerful storytelling to coercion, pressure, and manipulation. The album includes commercial jingles, a lullaby, dust jacket texts set to music, a protest song, a serenade, and a spoken-word commentary on social media.


World Premiere Performance of a collaboration of Zara Lawler and DoubleTake Dance.  Featuring Zara Lawler interpreting words from poet Amy Newman’s HOWL, with choreography by Vanessa Martinez de Banos and Ashley Carter.  Created as part of the Higher Ground Festival 2020 HG Premieres, presented on a rooftop in Upper Manhattan in September 2020.  Thanks to Arts ON AIR for making live performance possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch video of the performance HERE.


An experiment in cultivating safe audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic by playing concerts for farm animals and plants.