I am now accepting new students for online or in-person lessons.  Spots are open for Suzuki beginners, advanced students and adult amateurs*.  Online lessons work very well, and have the advantage that we do not even have to live near each other to be able to work together.  In person-lessons are offered if certain COVID protocols can be met.  Please reach out for more information.


Contact me at 812-604-5363 or zara@zaralawler.com for more information.

Working with a student at Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division.

I am a Juilliard-trained flutist and a dedicated educator.  I teach flute as part of the faculty of Manhattan School of Music Precollege, at Silver Music, and also privately in my home studio in the Sugar Hill neighborhood of Harlem.  I have been teaching for many years and I particularly love teaching young beginners, adult amateurs, and advanced high school and college students.  I was trained in the Suzuki method [see below for more information] and find this approach to be useful at all levels of music education because it focuses as much on how students learn as it does on what the teacher wants them to learn.  [for my full bio, click here]. I believe anyone and everyone can learn to express themselves through music and the flute, especially when learning goes step-by-step and follows the students’ natural learning ability.

I feel amazingly lucky to have found Zara as a flute teacher for my son.  She has a real gift for combining rigor and fun, and is both “cool” and professional–a magic combination for students (and their parents). In the 5 years my son has been taking individual and group lessons (since age 6), his enthusiasm has never waned, and his progress has been a constant delight to witness.  Also notable is that Zara so deftly weaves music theory into lessons that the students don’t realize what is happening. The ability to sight-read seems to materialize from thin air – not a single moan or groan.
-Rachel Wolfe, parent of current student

Suzuki Flute:  I have been trained in the Suzuki approach to music education, which is based on the idea that every person can learn music in much the same way that everyone learns their native language.  The Suzuki approach can be used for beginners of all ages (students can start as young as 3 years old, and the approach is adapted in age-appropriate ways, for older kids and adults).  The Suzuki approach includes these key components:  listening, repetition, delayed reading, opportunities to learn with other students (see Group Classes and Performance Opportunities below), parent involvement, breaking complex skills down into manageable/learnable chunks, and of course, encouragement.  For more detail about the Suzuki approach, please read this PDF of basic Suzuki info and this PDF of Suzuki Flute FAQs.  You can also see my profile and credentials on the Suzuki Association of the Americas website here.

Group classes:  I host a group class for my Suzuki students about once a month, as schedules allow.  Group classes are a vital part of learning in the Suzuki method:  they are informal performances, master classes, music theory workshops and social events all rolled into one.  Students perform for and learn from one another, work together on ensemble pieces, and have a chance to use and reinforce concepts from their lessons.  From time to time, I invite guest master teachers and musicians to our group classes to add enrichment (and adventure!) into our music learning.

Zara Lawler is one of the most EXCEPTIONAL teachers that I have ever seen. She is fun, articulate, engaging and is constantly coming up with new ways to make the flute fun!  Zara truly enjoys teaching and it shows.  She plans for each lesson thoughtfully and has a very consistent method that will enable your child to enjoy the flute as well as teach them HOW to practice.  Zara is wonderful for students all ages – from preschoolers to adults which is a unique trait.  As a former flutist  who has been exposed to many different teachers, I give her my highest recommendation!
-Michelle Ryang, parent of current student

With students after our 2017 Bach in the Subways performance at Grand Central in NYC.

Performance Opportunities:  I believe performing should be fun and friendly for students of all ages, a chance to share music we love.  Every year I host a Flute Party for all my students:  half-recital, half-celebration, it is our fun end-of-year tradition.  We also participate in Bach in the Subways, a world-wide celebration of Bach and public transportation, every March.  Usually there are other informal performance opportunities throughout the year, through group classes and other events that come up.  For students interested in more formal and/or competitive opportunities, I send them to the New York Flute Club contestNYSSMA auditions, and others.

Up close and personal with the flute at a preschool visit.

Preschool and School visits:  I love sharing the flute with young audiences, and have many years experience as both a performer in schools and as a teaching artist.  One of my favorite things to do is an interactive flute demonstration at preschools and elementary schools.  The program is 30-45 minutes long, and gives kids a chance to see and hear the flute right up close.

Family Music Classes: I teach fun ways for families (especially with young children) to engage in music. Parents attend with their children and model participation for the young ones: no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm! Everyone sings, dances and plays instruments as much or as little as they like in an atmosphere of playful non-coercion. Introduction to Suzuki flute included. Family Music Classes take place in my home studio in Sugar Hill, but if you would like to host one at your place, that can be arranged too.  Email me at zara@zaralawler.com for more information.

Beginning Flute Lessons:  If you are interested in flute lessons, send me an email at zara@zaralawler.com or call 812-604-5363.  In most cases, especially for young students, I will suggest that you come and observe a lesson or two and/or a group class.  This is the best way I have found to learn if we are a good fit.  For adult amateurs and some more advanced students, it may be best to start with a sample lesson (or two or three) to get a sense of how we will work together.  Either way, though, it starts with that first email or phone call!

*Don’t fit into one of these categories?  Don’t worry!  Just email zara@zaralawler.com and we can set up a time to talk about what you are looking for in flute lessons.  If it’s not a good fit, I will probably have someone to recommend.